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Gas & Steam Turbine Rotor Overhaul Services

GTS is associated with world class state of the art workshop facilities in INDIA and USA and are fully equipped to perform complete gas turbine compressor rotor overhauls and steam turbine rotors overhauls

All rotors are returned to their original and zero hour rated condition with minimal turnaround time.

  • Pre–stripdown balance and inspection
  • Rotor disassembly
  • NDT facilities
  • Individual blade and wheel coating
  • Latest coating technologies
  • Individual wheel balancing
  • Rotor re-blade
  • Rotor reassembly
  • Rotor balance and run-outs
  • Rotor storage containers
  • Comprehensive report
  • Model: MS-5001
  • Model: MS-5002
  • Model: MS-6001
  • Model: MS-6000
  • Model: MS-7001
  • Model: MS-9001