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Complete Gas Turbine Refurbishment

GTS workshop facility in Hyderabad is fully equipped to perform a complete gas turbine refurbishment service for GE type Frame 3, Frame 5, Frame 6, Frame 7 and Frame 9 gas turbines.

Our OEM Engineering experience, offers services which include turbine engineering, component repair and replacement, new spare parts, rotor overhaul, gear-box replacement, generator inspection, turbine rewiring, instrumentation and control system upgrade, auxiliaries replacement, and procurement of prefabricated inlet and exhaust systems.

Gas Turbine Refurbishment.

Turbines can be overhauled to any specification required by a client. Customers can expect a quality service and rapid turnaround time as turbines are returned to a zero-hour rated condition.

  • Full “major” overhaul at GTS repair facility
  • Rotor refurbishment to zero-hour rated condition
  • Availability of new and refurbished component parts
  • Gear box inspection and overhaul
  • Generator inspection, maintenance and overhaul
  • Turbine Re-wiring
  • Control Panel Upgrade
  • Control Cab refurbishment or replacement
  • Inlet and exhaust plenum engineering and procurement

GTS offers a competitive alternative to purchasing new gas turbines on extended lead times.

A resident core of field engineers and an Ex-stock supply of rotating parts and components, ensure minimum response time in returning users equipment to service and commercial operation as fast as possible.

  • Model: MS-5001
  • Model: MS-5002
  • Model: MS-6001
  • Model: LM-6000
  • Model: MS-7001
  • Model: MS-9001