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Global Turbine Solutions won the contract for supply of spare parts for 2X GEFR5001 Gas Turbines for Ministry of Iraq South Baghdad Power Plant-2, That includes supply of Fuel Nozzle, Combustion Liners, Transition Pieces, STG -1 & 2 Turbine Buckets, Turbine Nozzles and Shrouds, Stator Blades, Compressor Blades and complete Hardware and Instrumentation.

Global Turbine Solutions have won many other contracts for supply of spare parts for various customers and Owners of Gas Turbines world wide for frame 5001, 6001, 7001, and 9001 and have supplied successfully

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  • Model: MS-5001
  • Model: MS-5002
  • Model: MS-6001
  • Model: MS-6000
  • Model: MS-7001
  • Model: MS-9001