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Gas Turbine Training

Customer training is an important element within GTS range of integrated turbo and rotating machinery products and services.


Our training services are delivered by engineers with extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of gas turbines and associated equipment.

Training programs are available to suit operational, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation disciplines covering functions such as inspection, maintenance and trouble shooting. These are complemented by classroom tuition and hands-on training.

Modular courses are available to offer flexibility in course content:

  • Introduction to Gas Turbine Plant
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • High Voltage Safety
  • Generator Control & Maintenance
  • Gas Turbine Operations
  • Gas Turbine Control Review
  • Power System Protection


Our courses are designed to focus on improving personal knowledge and awareness, to give operators confidence in carrying out their assigned tasks and to improve turbine reliability with reducing unscheduled outages.

GTS promotes working closely and forming partnership agreements with customers training establishments, where our specialist training packages can be customized to meet each client’s individual requirements, including operational procedures as well as health and safety regulations applicable to each plant.

  • Model: MS-5001
  • Model: MS-5002
  • Model: MS-6001
  • Model: MS-6000
  • Model: MS-7001
  • Model: MS-9001