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Components Manufacture

GTS having its manufacturing facility at Industrial Park Pashmylaram Hyderabad and is also associated with many world class state of the art manufacturing facility in India and USA for manufacturing of the following’

  • Variable Inlet Guide Vanes
  • Compressor and Stator Blades.
  • Fuel Nozzles and Hardware
  • Turbine Casings and Hardware
  • Bearings, Seals and Oil Deflectors.
  • Shrouds and Hardware.
  • Hardware for Power Nozzles
  • Hardware for Turbine Buckets.
  • Exhaust Plenum and Exhaust Stack.
  • Inlet Plenum.
  • Filter House.
  • Couplings and Coupling Hardware.
  • Gears Box and Internals.
  • Model: MS-5001
  • Model: MS-5002
  • Model: MS-6001
  • Model: LM-6000
  • Model: MS-7001
  • Model: MS-9001